Cleansing the Body May Be Only Cleansing the Spirit

Sixty day, thirty day, seven day, three day cleanse… Master Cleanse, Juice Cleanse, Raw Foods Cleanse, Sunshine and Water Cleanse…  Despite the various answers and suggestions regarding cleansing that publics are internalizing each day, a persistent concern remains: are cleanses good for you and which one should you do?

Since coming to college in the beautiful but raining Eugene, OR.  I have been influenced by the local’s “hippy” ways of eating wholesome diets of complex grains, fruits and vegetables. This diet has been hard to maintain on a college budget, and even harder to maintain as a sugar addict who has DQ and Yogurt Extreme 2-3 blocks away. I constantly kept making every day the infamous “cheat day” until one day I decided I had had anough. I attempted to do a DIY juice cleanse. I went out and bought my very own cold juice press and enough fruits and vegetables to drive my roommates mad. After two days, the green and orange concoctions in my mason jar started to haunt my every thought and the sound of my stomach growling echoed through each classroom. Needless to say, I gave up on that real quick!

I recently came across an article in the Huffington Post titled, Do Juice Cleanses Work? 10 Truths About the Fad.  It highlights some important issues that come with a long-term cleanse.  The article brings attention to the fact that when juicing you are actually getting rid of some key nutrients your body needs, such as fiber that can be found in the peel or pulp of the fruit or vegetable. It also discusses the fact that a cleanse is not cheap and that your body naturally eliminates many of the toxins that the juice cleanse claims it gets rid of.

The IHRSA reported that the total revenue reached by the fitness industry in 2012 was 21.8 billion (Insight) and that over a quarter of Americans were on diets in 2007 (Franchise Help). There is no doubt that the juice cleanse industry is growing quickly and that it is just as much of a money making business as any other diet fad.  The juice cleanse advocates claim that cleanses rid your body of any toxins it has accumulated over time (intriguing to any student who enjoys a “quality” Keystone Light on the regular), it heightens your immune system, prevents cancer, gives your colon a break, etc. All these claims sound absolutely marvelous, and at the same time completely ludicrous.

webmail.uoregon.eduDespite the controversial materials I had read and my failed attempt before, I decided that if I only committed to 3 days then following the fad wouldn’t kill me. So two weeks ago I walked into the Portland Juice Press. It was a new year, a new me, and I was about to conquer a new obstacle.

I’m not sure if it was all the money leaving my wallet, the wider variety of tastes that this cleanse presented me with (the OM juice was the best which was made out of hazelnuts, vanilla, cinnamon and dates), or the stage I was at when I tried it this time, but I conqured that cleanse like it was nobody’s business! Not only was I not hungry, but I struggled to drink all six of the drinks that I was supposed to each day. I never once felt lightheaded and I was full of energy for a majority of each day.

The main difference I noticed following the cleanse was that my sweet tooth had become a less demanding dragon and I was satisfied by a single piece of chocolate as opposed to the entire bar. I also became full much more quickly and could control my portions even when I went out to eat.

In conclusion I have decided that even if all the articles are right and the juice cleanse is just a dangerous fad, I am happy I did it. If cleansing my body was in turn only cleansing my spirit then gosh darn it I feel cleansed! I would never recommend it for a long period of time, but for a simple three days I would recommend it for anyone who is feeling a little sluggish and looking for a quick pick-me-up.

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